About Us

Child Development Society (CDS)
About Us

Child Development Society (CDS) is a non-government and non-profit organization established by a group of social workers from various fields for the optimum growth and development of children of Nepal in 1991 A.D (2048 B.S). It is established with the aim of flourishing development of children by providing an opportunity to enjoy their rights fruitfully and also make them realize their responsibility towards family, society, community and the nation. CDS has been supporting children by making them aware about their rights through different activities like education, awareness program and establishment of a child club. Since its establishment, it has been rigorously working with different national and international organizations to ensure child rights of Nepalese children through preventive and curative approaches. CDS has been contributing to bring change in the lives of children by adopting various strategies and working directly with children, women and public schools. Currently CDS has its operational presence in 4 districts of Nepal and is working especially with women and public schools targeted for the improvement of lives of children by addressing the issues of child protection with direct and indirect approaches.


A society where children realize their overall rights.


Taking key initiatives for the development and protection of children in a friendly environment.


Promoting Child Rights in Nepal


To contribute to Nepal government's initiatives for ensuring the rights of Nepalese Children.


1. To implement activities for the promotion of mother and child health.

2. To protect children from all forms of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect.

3. To strengthen the capacity of CDS for effective lobbying and advocacy.

4. To intervene with appropriate programs enabling children’s access to basic quality education in a child-friendly environment.

5. To promote meaningful child participation at all levels.

Our Executive Board
Dr. Hemang Dixit
Dr. Chhattra Amatya
Mr. Sharad Sharma
Er. Kishore Thapa
Mr. Subas Gautam
Dr. Chapala Koirala
Mr. Kaji Babu Pandey
General Secretary
Mr. Uddav Raj Poudyal
Deputy General Secretary
Mrs. Sunita Khanal (Pyakurel)
Dr. Rita Hamal Singh
Executive Member
Er. Jayendra Rimal
Executive Member
Mr. Prakash Sharma
Executive Member
Dr. Kulesh Bahadur Thapa
Executive Member
Ms. Shailini Dhakal Poudel
Executive Member
Ms. Sharada Moktan
Executive Member
Our Staffs
Krishna Prasad Subedi
Executive Director
Pradip Kumar Shrestha
Program Manager
Samjhana Dhakal
Admin & Finance Manager
Prakash Maharjan
Program Coordinator
Punam Giri
MEAL Officer
Poshak Roka
SCM and Admin Officer
Lalima Shrestha
Sponsorship Quality Control Officer
Pujan Shakya
Protection Officer
Govinda BK
Program Incharge- SAKRIYA/FSSP
Samikshya Tiwari
Program Incharge- Health & Day Care
Dipendra Parajuli
Sr. Field Officer
Jyoti Nagarkoti
Field Officer
Sumitra Tamang
Field Officer
Sabina Silwal
Field Officer
Surendra Maharjan
Sponsorship Field Mobilizer
Shubhadra Shai
Sponsorship Field Mobilizer
Samrakshana Shai
Sponsorship Field Mobilizer
Juna KC
Sponsorship Field Mobilizer
Arun Maharjan
Sponsorship Field Mobilizer
Anup Maharjan
Sponsorship Field Mobilizer
Rita Lama
CP/CESP Mobilizer
Sanu Maiya Awale
CP/CESP Mobilizer
Binita Joshi
CP/CESP Mobilizer
Shiva Gurung
CP/CESP Mobilizer
Nirajan Bajagain
CP/CESP Mobilizer
Ram Kumar Ramtel
CP/CESP Mobilizer
Ashmita Khatri
Admin & Finance Assistant
Nisha Pudasaini
Local Facilitator
Sophiya KC
Local Facilitator
Sharishma Basnet
Local Facilitator
Bhagawoti Chaulagain
Day Care Facilitator
Radhika Thapa
Support Staff